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Non-surgical decompression treatments and therapies utilize a three-phase program and a unique, state-of-the-art machine that helps relax the muscles and vertebrae in your back to improve function.


This minimally invasive procedure will have you back to normal in a short time.

If you suffer from spine, neck, or lower back pain, then you are likely looking for a minimally invasive treatment to make you feel better sooner.


We use a safe, comfortable, and effective treatments for a number of common conditions.

Dyna Pro Spinal Decompression

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Non-surgical decompression treatments

• Phase 1: Nine-minute light therapy session to relax muscles and prepare the body.

• Phase 2: Targeted spinal decompression to promote healing and increase the space between the vertebrae.

• Phase 3: Core strengthening classes to help the patient build strength in the abdomen and achieve long-lasting results.

Dyna Pro Spinal Decompression phases

You can expect treatment sessions to last for about one hour, but preparation times vary from patient to patient. Most patients start to feel better in four to six weeks. Learn more about us and what to expect before your first treatment.

What you can expect from treatment

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